Instagram Checklist

Instagram Checklist

I love lists. I love writing them, and I love checking them off even more. It makes me feel accomplished. Here’s an Instagram checklist for you to check off, and feel oh so good about your profile.

  • Does your bio explain who you are or your what your brand is? Leave no room for question.

  • Is there a way to get in touch with you?

  • Are you using the website link and changing it when applicable?

  • Are you using an app like to keep track of those links?

  • Are you using a scheduler and planning out your content?

  • Do you give love back to people who have given you love?

  • Do you check your stats or analyze the content that is performing best?

  • Do you give yourself time to leave meaningful comments on accounts that you don’t know to increase visibility?

  • Do you use one or two filters for a cohesive feed or stick to an editing technique?

  • Is your content providing value to your audience?

  • Are you using call to actions when applicable?

  • Are you being your authentic self?

  • If you post quotes, are you using the same fonts and adding your site or handle to it?

  • Are you telling stories to capture you or your brand’s personality?

  • Are you replying to questions and comments?

  • Are you using hashtags that your target audience is using, not your competitors?

  • Are you using relevant, niche hashtags?

If you need some extra help with hashtags, check out the next post.

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