Finding Your Instagram Voice

Finding Your Instagram Voice

Finding my Instagram voice has been something I have struggled with in the past as an entrepreneur looking to excite and engage my target audience. Over time it has evolved as I got more comfortable with myself and my business. Here are three ways you can find your Instagram voice.

Know Your ICA Inside and Out

Your ICA isn’t your target market. It is your target person. ICA stands for Ideal Customer Avatar. Name this person. Give them a personality. The more detailed you get about this person, the easier it will be to talk to them. I made a secret board on Pinterest just for my ICA. It’s so easy to refer to once things really get going and wondering if you may be steering off course. The visuals help.

Here are some questions to help you get started:
What motivates them?
What do they like to read?
What are their biggest concerns/needs?
What are they interested in?
How do they spend their weekends?
Do they have pets?
Do they like coffee?
Do they belong to any groups?
What are their thoughts, hopes, dreams?
What is their daily routine?

Another thing you can do to get started is to make a list of all the words your ICA would use. Do they speak casually? Do they say ‘FOMO’ or ‘It’s Lit’? Or are they on the conservative side having no idea what ‘TBH’ means?

You can make it creative too! Grab some magazines, and make a vision board. Get in their head!

Be Authentic and Engaging

This seems like a no brainer but sometimes we feel like we need to put up content just for the sake of posting. If you’re bored with it, your audience is going to be bored with it.  People can tell when you aren’t being true to yourself.

This one was a hard one for me because I wanted everyone to like me and think I was the greatest thing ever. But guess what? Not everyone is going to like what you are doing. You are not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s ok! Because if you stick to your guns and really get to know the audience you want to attract, you will find those people. Those are the people that are going to care and be excited by your content.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you go along in this process:

What am I trying to achieve?

What information am I trying to communicate?

Why should my audience care?

Is it consistent?

Become a storyteller. Connect with your audience on an emotional level, and when you do, you will have a more meaningful conversation. Also, use call to actions! If you want your followers to do something, tell them!

If people are commenting on your posts, comment back. These could be your potential leads, and helps boost your post, encourage them to be more. People like talking to real people, so talk like a real person.

An easy way to get to know your audience is to ask questions. Keep them open ended, positive, and relevant to your business.

Practice and Review

The reality is that you’re not going to get it right 100% of the time, and it’s important to not let that get you discouraged. We can definitely look at this as a positive thing. Because once we realize something doesn’t work, we can move on and do more of what does work. Check your analytics. If your profile is a business profile, you can do this on the app but don’t find it to be all that accurate. I personally use Iconosquare to check mine which also has other info that is helpful. But there are tons out there to help you. 

I’m an introvert so the only thing that got me out of my comfort zone was trying different things out with my posts and engaging more! People love when you comment on their stuff, so don’t be scared or intimidated. The more you do it, the easier it gets. I promise.

So that’s it! Hope you learned something and had a little bit of fun along the way. I would love to hear any feedback or questions that you may have. Or you can just say hi. Leave a comment below and let's be friends.


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