Instagram Stories Tips and Apps

Instagram Stories Tips and Apps

If you aren’t using Instagram Stories for your business, IT IS TIME. Everyday over 300 million people use Stories which means it has now surpassed Snapchat. Just like the photos on your feed, you want to continue to give your audience value but with Stories, I think we can have a lot more fun here as things don’t need to look nearly as polished. Stories are perfect for giving your audience a glimpse behind the scenes, speaking directly to them (if you’re a small business, it’s time to show your face), doing a collab by having someone take over, sharing sneak-peaks, and promoting your products or service. Below I share some tips on the best Story practices and some fun apps to get creative with to make them pop.

The Tips

Hashtags! - Love them or hate them, they make a difference. You can use up to 10 hashtags in your stories. To make them invisible, you can pinch the text to make them teeny-tiny and hide them under a sticker or text, or you can make them the same color as your background.

Location Tag- This is just another opportunity to be discovered so it would be very wise to use it especially if you have a brick and mortar store.

Polls - The best way to find out what your audience wants is to ask. I like polls because they are really simple and don’t require much effort from your audience. You can always ask them to DM you as well but if you’re feeling shy (MEEEE sometimes), polls are perfect. You can even ask a silly question. It’s a great way to get your audience engaged.

Branding - Stick to your brand colors! Don’t see them? Hold down a color with your finger and the rest of the color wheel appears. Try to use the same font or fonts as well.

How Many Per Day - I haven’t found a real answer to this. I have heard the magic number is between 3-5. My suggestion is at least one a day since it does increase your visibility. It is a fact that Instagram is more likely to give your account exposure in the explore tab if you’re using Stories. Also, I feel here it’s just like your feed in which you want to remain consistent. Don’t do 3 Stories a day and then fall off the wagon if you run out of content because your audience is going to learn to expect 3 Stories a day from you.

Use CTAs - I talk about using call to actions all the time in your feed captions to increase engagement, and you should here too. If you don’t have the 10k followers needed to use the ‘swipe up’ function, it’s totally ok to instruct your viewers that there is something cool awaiting them at the link in your bio. You can also tell them to check out your latest post as well.

The Apps

Feature- I use this one the most. It’s simple but you can get all kinds of creative choosing different color backgrounds and layering photos.

For whatever reason, I can't find the link to this app, but if you're looking for it in the app store, it looks like this:

Hype.Type- Catch your viewers’ attention by adding some fun animated text and music to your photo.

Adobe Spark- Upload a photo, and it will resize it for you to fit the Instagram Story dimensions- and other social posts like a YouTube thumbnail and Pinterest. Once uploaded you can then play around with the layout and design.

Vidstitch- Stitch photos and videos together.

PhotoGrid- This is a fun one as there are lots of cool things you can play around with. I just use it for adding a white background to Story Videos.


CutStory- This app lets you cut your long videos into 15 seconds so that they upload into Stories.

If you have any additional questions, please leave them in the comments. I'm here to help. :) 

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