8 Week Coaching Program

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Does this sound familiar?

You want to be seen as a thought leader and expert in your industry but you’re not sure how to show up and share your message with the right people. It feels a little like you’re bragging or being salesy, and you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by all the information out there. You’re beginning to doubt if people even care about what you have to offer.

This might also be you: You’ve spent all morning writing the ‘perfect post’, and now you’re rushing out the door a little unprepared for your next meeting. Your running after clients, tweaking your website, attending events… where is the time? You feel like you’re doing it ‘wrong’ and your self-worth is beginning to get tied up in the number of likes you receive. This whole running your own business was supposed to be fun and allow you freedom, but you find yourself missing out on special moments with friends and family because you head is always down staring at the phone.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t need to spend hours trying to figure it all out on your own. You can wake up in the morning feeling connected and filled with joy knowing that your message is making a difference.

There is a way to show up and share what you offer without feeling ‘salesy’.

You can have more than enough time to work on other parts of your business and spend quality time with family and friends without having your phone in your hand.

You can do this all without the burnout, the frustration, and the overwhelm.

I found a way to take back my power, and it is my mission to help you take back yours.

This is for the service-based woman entrepreneur is who is ready to make an impact. Someone is ready to step into her purpose. She is ready to gain clarity and confidence, become more visible, and take her business to the next level.

It all starts with getting clear. Clear about your personal brand and those you are meant to serve. This will naturally build your confidence but we will also work through limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I can hand you the best strategy in the world but it will fall flat if you are not clear. It will also fall flat if you’re holding yourself back from executing because you are coming from a place of fear. Next we work on being consistent with your message and how you show up so you can attract the right people and build that know, like, and trust factor. This then turns those people into paying consumers.

I will guide you through a personal step-by-step process to get you and your Instagram right. Through this process you’ll never be alone as we work together to leverage what makes you unique, discover your audience, and create strategies that work just for you.

With my support you will have the confidence and clarity to build a business and a life that you love.

Why Work With Me?

I loved working with Jenna!!  She entirely change my perspective on my social media game as well as evolved my social media strategy to the next level.  Before working with Jenna, I had been at a plateau with my social growth and was struggling to figure out what steps to take, and what content to create that would support my growth in the next phase of my business.   In our intensive, Jenna laid down a very easy and manageable support system, as well as identified what was missing from my current strategy.  I felt entirely educated, prepped and excited to jump right in after our time together. And since then, I've seen better engagement, growth, and audience retention.  Plus, I'm having fun on social again!  

- Laurie Bruckner, Body Positivity Stylist

I love learning about social media (specifically Instagram) strategies via podcasts, workshops, etc, but have struggled with implementation in the past. Jenna broke it down and provided so many resources and tools and even tons of hashtags specific to my niche. She gave me a roadmap, and the more I use it, the more growth and engagement I enjoy. I refer her to my own clients now! 

- Hylah Hedgepeth, Family & Brand Photographer

Jenna Gilmore is exactly what every entrepreneur needs to get up to speed on all-things-Instagram! Not only is Jenna knowledgeable about the latest trends, tips and tools of the platform, but she has the ability to explain it to you in a way that leaves you feeling empowered instead of overwhelmed.  

- Julie Neumark, Partner & COO, Media & Marketing Minds

I am grateful to have worked with Jenna on my IG account. I find IG and social media very overwhelming, and Jenna helped take that pressure off of me. She found my authentic voice, helped grow my numbers and was very creative with the posts. Now I have the confidence to move forward on my own and to continue with what she has taught me! Thank you Jenna!  

- Chef Amber, Owner, The Source Cafe

8 one hour coaching calls and weekly assignments. Complete access to me via Slack so no question ever goes unanswered.

Your Investment: 1300

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