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You are a smart, savvy go-getter and really good at what you do. You have the skills and expertise to change lives and/or businesses for the better. You have big dreams and want to be seen as a thought leader in your industry, but for now, you’re really just trying to figure out how to get your target audience to notice you.

Are you wondering if you’re being left out of the big secret to Instagram success as you watch other brands, businesses, and influencers kill it? You’ve read a few blog posts, follow social media experts and apply their tips, started ‘copying’ what your competition is doing, and yet… crickets.

You’re also probably thinking that you don’t have time to be on Instagram all day. You’re running a business! So instead you’re haphazardly posting here and there not really sure what the end game is. You just need to make a sale, like right now.

During my four week coaching program, I will give you direct guidance to stop the overthinking, overwhelm, and frustration. You’ll gain insight and clarity that will help you become ‘unstuck’ so that you show up confidently and sell with ease. You’ll learn how to be intentional so that you have more than enough time to create content and engage with your audience.

Are you ready to have the confidence to show up as the real you and tell your story so that you can build a real lasting connection between you and your audience?

Are you ready to know what the ‘big secret’ to Instagram success is?

Are you ready to have more time to create, to take on more clients, to network, or just more time to do as you please?

Are you ready to use Instagram as a tool to connect and listen to the needs of your audience so that you can serve them better?

I thought so!

Below is what we’ll cover in our time together:

Week One -  Deep Dive Week. A deep dive into who you are as a brand. We will discuss your mission, your goals, and work to uncover your unique value proposition. You’ll learn how to find the best hashtags for you, how to write a bio that attracts the right people, and where your audience ‘hangs out’ on Instagram.


  • Brand Clarity Playbook

  • How to Strengthen Your Brand Voice

  • Your Unique Value Proposition

  • New Bio

  • 60 of the Best Hashtags for You

  • How to Find Your Audience

Week Two - Content Week. All things content so that you’ll never be stressed about what to post next. We discover the written and visual content that will leave your audience wanting more. We’ll go over the best practices for Stories, Highlights, and Lives. This week will end with a short-term strategy for you to implement on your own.


  • Content That Compels

  • Selling without Feeling ‘Salesy’

  • A Cohesive Feed

  • Creating Visual Content

  • Using Stories, Highlights, and Lives to Build a Lasting Connection

Week Three - Implementation Week. Nothing beats real life testing. This week you’ll test out your new strategy and get a good feel as to how it will go when you’re completely on your own. New questions and concerns will arise. You will still have access to me via email.


  • Confidently Become More Visible

  • How to Listen to the Needs of Your Audience

  • How to Be Intentional

Week Four - We’ll analyze our implemented strategy and discuss new questions and concerns. We will then put together a comprehensive strategy moving forward so that you can confidently begin building a community and sharing your story.


  • A Transformed Account that Attracts Your Audience

  • Best Apps and Tools

  • Tailored Strategies - For Posting and Engaging

  • Authentic Engagement

  • One Month’s Worth of Compelling Content

Our weekly sessions are 1.5 - 2 hours long.

I loved working with Jenna!!  She entirely change my perspective on my social media game as well as evolved my social media strategy to the next level.  Before working with Jenna, I had been at a plateau with my social growth and was struggling to figure out what steps to take, and what content to create that would support my growth in the next phase of my business.   In our intensive, Jenna laid down a very easy and manageable support system, as well as identified what was missing from my current strategy.  I felt entirely educated, prepped and excited to jump right in after our time together. And since then, I've seen better engagement, growth, and audience retention.  Plus, I'm having fun on social again!  

- Laurie Bruckner, Body Positivity Stylist

I love learning about social media (specifically Instagram) strategies via podcasts, workshops, etc, but have struggled with implementation in the past. Jenna broke it down and provided so many resources and tools and even tons of hashtags specific to my niche. She gave me a roadmap, and the more I use it, the more growth and engagement I enjoy. I refer her to my own clients now! 

- Hylah Hedgepeth, Family & Brand Photographer

Jenna Gilmore is exactly what every entrepreneur needs to get up to speed on all-things-Instagram! Not only is Jenna knowledgeable about the latest trends, tips and tools of the platform, but she has the ability to explain it to you in a way that leaves you feeling empowered instead of overwhelmed.  

- Julie Neumark, Partner & COO, Media & Marketing Minds

I am grateful to have worked with Jenna on my IG account. I find IG and social media very overwhelming, and Jenna helped take that pressure off of me. She found my authentic voice, helped grow my numbers and was very creative with the posts. Now I have the confidence to move forward on my own and to continue with what she has taught me! Thank you Jenna!  

- Chef Amber, Owner, The Source Cafe

The Investment - 1250

The button below leads you to set up a discovery call. This call will help us both figure out if we are the right fit. I work with women who are ready for personalized support to not only transform their Instagram but to transform who they are as a business and how they show up. If at the end of the call we decide it's not a good fit, no harm, no foul, but I can guarantee there will be a few laughs.