Instagram Audit Checklist

Instagram Audit Checklist


What are my Instagram goals?

Do my goals align with my marketing goals?

Do they align with my overall business goals?


Is my username my name?

Is my name searchable?

Is my profile picture clear?


Does it say what I do?

Does it say what is in it for my followers?

Does it have a call to action?


Do they have a consistent look and feel?

Is it immediately obvious what my business does?

How is the photo quality?

Am I keeping things interesting for my audience?


Am I using relevant hashtags?

Am I switching them up?


Which captions are bringing in the most comments?

Are my captions showcasing my personality, expertise, and building trust?

Do I ask my audience questions to get them engaged?

Am I leaving calls to action on some of my posts?


Am I setting aside time to engage?

Am I being productive and intentional when I open the app?

Am I following accounts that feel aligned with my business?

Am I following people I truly want to engage with?

Am I following my target consumers?

Ready to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something sticks?


Never getting stuck in a content writing rut again.

Connecting with and converting your ideal consumers on a daily basis.

Knowing exactly what to say in your bio so your ideal consumer hits that follow button.

Having a hashtag strategy that gets you in front of your ideal consumers.

Saying the right things in your DMs that make people want to book a call.

Being excited about your business again.

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